How it works?

How it Works?

OfCourse Marketplace is a platform, where you can enjoy unforgettable experiences, share knowledge, learn new skills and connect with like-minded people.

We achieve this by offering a range of exciting courses, lectures, classes, workshops and interactive activities seekers can tap into.

We welcome you, both experience seekers, as well as service providers and invite you to explore the sections that are relevant to you, as well as the variety of choices you have in our market.


Seekers (Buyers)

Are you seeking to learn something new? Experience that thing you've always desired to try out or maybe pursue a long forgotten hobby of yours?


Search for your preferred course

Search for your preferred course by choosing the on-line or in-person option. You can also find experiences by locations, dates or categories or  narrow your search by price, characteristics and language.

To know more about the offer, simply click on the event and/or read about the seller in their profile section, located as you scroll down the event. You will find all the details there, as well as a way to join the class.


Booking process

When you find an event you would like to join, save your spot directly from the website. It's easy! Of course, you can also communicate with the provider and ask questions.

Terms of Use and Payments

Payments are processed through the website, after your approval, as well as the providers' confirmation. Each course lists their own cancellation process which is listed under their event. Please view their cancellation policy. Wishing you an unforgettable experience!
Search for one here, now.


Providers (Sellers)

Expand your reach, do what you love, grow your business!

Getting started is easy. After you register (it's free) and login, you list your event.



How to list you course/event?

Press the orange “Propose a course” button. This three step process helps you get started. Answer the questions, upload photos and you are done. Your listing is live!

You can always, edit, change, delete and pause the listing through the “listing” tab, under your account.

Build your profile

Go to the “profile” tab under your account. Fill in the required information. The information will be included in your listings and allow potential buyers to get familiar with you, your work and your passion.

Ask past clients to add reviews to your profile as this will help to encourage new students to sign-up as they will feel confident and excited in attending your course.


There are no costs to register or to advertise a course.
Payments and communication with the client is done through the website. It's easy; we do the work for you and transfer money directly into your account.

OfCourse Marketplace is invested in your success and interested in it! That is why we charge only a small fee when your course is booked and paid for. The fee will only be processed after a purchase has taken place. When a course is booked, the marketplace charges a 10% fee which is deducted from the buyer’s payment. For example, if your course is listed for 50$, your net earnings will be 45$.

Booking process

When a customer books a course, you will get an email from the platform, notifying you about it. You will have an option to accept the booking or reject the booking.

Once accepted, the customer’s credit card will be charged. You will receive the funds directly into your bank account, three days after the course date.


Get help

Read our “listing a course” and “profile set up” user guides for more in depth explanations, ideas and recommendations. Of course, you are welcome to contact us directly, by emailing us at:

We would love to get to know you!