What can I find on the Marketplace? This is a site dedicated to courses, workshops and classes. We include in these definitions, any form of hands on knowledge transformation.  

Can I offer my online course? Yes, through OfCourse Marketplace, you can promote events that are online or in a physical venue.  

Why should I sign-up? – You have a dream to share your knowledge and you're taking the steps to do so. Registration is free and you have another channel to expand your business through.

OfCourse Marketplace also allows you to focus on what you do best,  create your classes and build your business, as we will take care of the rest. You've got the skill, we've got the drill!!


Do you assist in promoting the classes? Yes, we employ social media professionals and search engine specialists to help promote your courses on social media.

My business is relatively new and I don't have a credit card system. How can I charge the clients? This is one of the advantages of OfCoures Marketplace. We take care of the payment process and transfer your money directly into your bank account.

How much are your fees?
OfCourse Marketplace is invested in your success and interested in it! That is why we charge only a small fee, which is processed only after a purchase has taken place. when a course is booked, the marketplace charges a 10% fee from the seller and 10% from the buyer. For example, if your course is listed for 50$, your net earnings will be 45$.

Do you do consulting?

If you are struggling to reach your ideal client and would like some help with your marketing strategy, promoting your business on Social Media to grow your following and get bookings from more of your ideal clients, do send us an email at info@ofcoursemarket.com  and we can book a free marketing consultation for you with our Social Media Consultant.

I don’t think due to the time difference that anyone will attend my webinars or courses from the States, as they are usually at 11am or 3pm. I can try and add a webinar and workshop and see if anyone would be interested. I can also add a Power Hour option for them to purchase and if they want a power hour they will pay via your website and you can transfer that to me in the same way you do with the courses. Let me know what you think?