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Maybe you are a content creator—

or you serve clients online, or have a valuable message for the world.

You need to sell your service and connect with your audience.

You want to present in the best way you can, so people will connect with you on a deeper personal level. And being professional helps you to be seen and liked — to be more personal.
When people connect with you, they care.
And when they care, they will take action!

Welcome to the 90-minute training that will change how you engage with your online audience: 

“How To Make Your Personal Videos Look Professional!”

Using the pro tips, techniques and information in this training you will:
—Create videos that help people connect with you and care about your message.
—Look fabulous and professional on your next call, webinar, interview or presentation.
—Apply simple tricks that all the pros know for lighting, cameras, sound, and even personal actions that make people stand up (or sit up) and take notice!

Video is a crossroads—where Science and Art meet!

Studies today expose why and how people respond to you—even in a video. Beyond first impressions, while you are talking, connection is happening and you want people to see, through a screen, just how brilliant you are.

Results vary greatly, but everyone can improve with this class! Your personal results are based on where you start and how many of these principles you are willing to apply. Don't worry, we've got your back!

This series is offered in group training on Fridays, twice a month, or request your ideal time to schedule a class. You'll learn about:

- Your Message — Personal Brand Basics

- Light & Camera — Tips, tricks and techniques.

- Audio & Video — Possibilities and solutions.

I am here to support you, so let me know what you need. You can also level up with a private session, dedicated and tailored to your studio or office. I will help you apply the information we study in training, make improvements and adjustments, and even review your presentation to help you improve.





1-on-1 home office personal setup

Increase your understanding of your own lighting, video, camera, audio, or studio setup and learn how to resolve specific issues in your space and with your gear. This is a deep dive into everything learned in the workshop, but even more interactive for your personal space. Whatever you need, from reviewing presenting style to help with lighting and tech. This is your chance to get it right with a 1-on-1 web conference. Follows directly after the above workshop, or scheduled within the next week. This is a deal at just half the normal price when purchased here as an add-on). If you have a specific look or creative brand you want to achieve with your presentation, I can help get where you look and sound like a pro! Sales and Marketing presenters and online teacher/trainers are encouraged to go through this 1-on-1 training to help IMPROVE your setup, or to get feedback on a presentation or new technology.


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Cancellation policy: Flexible

> If the asker cancels more than 1 day(s) before the start of the booking, he is reimbursed 100 % of the amount paid
> If the asker cancels less than 1 day(s) before the start of the booking , he is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid


Join with your webcam and microphone on and ready to use.


- Students may be muted during instruction time.

- Ultimately, the results are up to you and depend on how you creatively apply the principles you'll be learning, and what looks or sounds better to you. 

- The opinion of the instructor is given freely and kindly, to help you improve your presence on video. Please take nothing personally ☺ 

The workshop begins at 11AM Easter (8AM Pacific Time), so please confirm that your calendar shows the correct time in your area.

This is a webinar class first, however, I can arrange custom seminars online or visit your office to help set up studio quality lighting, if you want someone to help you with the setup and space planning.


- 10 % on the price by person, from 2 person(s) ordered

- 30 % on the price by person, from 6 person(s) ordered

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