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If you're a midlife looking to not only get back into great physical shape, shed the lbs and look great, but also improve your mindset, your relationship with food and step forward into a brighter future with confidence, this is for you.

The 8 Week Midlife Method Programme has been developed over the past 10 years – backed by years of research, experience and client transformations – that’s had a profound and lasting impact on the lives it’s touched.

The practical science based method promises strength and resilience in body, mind and emotional wellbeing– giving clients the ultimate step by step toolkit they need to regain control of their life, lose the stubborn belly fat and feel comfortable and energised in their own skin - without making huge sacrifices.

Their balanced, no nonsense approach is based on the 6 essential pillars to midlife health and happiness.

These are: Midlife Movement, Midlife Nutrition, Midlife Hormones, Midlife Success Mindset, Midlife Emotional Wellbeing and Midlife Mentorship.

These 6 pillars offer mid lifers holistic strategies that profoundly alter their whole being from the inside out - so that each one understands, with confidence how to achieve (and sustain) a life they love, full of possibility and potential.

Claire & James’ mission is to be a force of truth and integrity for busy midlife professionals - demystifying the fads, fake promises and pseudo science in a down to earth, no nonsense way.

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The 8 week programme is all delivered within The Midlife Mentors App – so clients are able to access the Method on demand, on any device – anywhere.

We’re like coaches in your pocket – always there throughout the journey.

Everything is scheduled every day, so clients get up, click the day and everything they need to know or do is in one place.

The 8 week programme works as follows...

PILLAR 1: 8 Week Progressive, Midlife Movement plan
A science based approach to exercise that works in line with midlife hormones, optimises muscle and bone strength, cardiovascular health, endurance and a leaner physique. Short, effective and designed specifically for the busy mid life body and life - with optimised recovery for rapid and long lasting results.

Includes Beginner & Intermediate HIITs (cardio), as well as resistance training – all from home. Just need water bottles, progressing to bands and kettle bells. 

This is for all levels of fitness.

PILLAR 2: 8 Weeks of progressive Nutrition Coaching

We do not get clients following meal plans because they DO NOT educate for the long term. Meal plans are restrictive and don’t fit in with every day life.

We help clients build an incredible bank of knowledge about how to structure meals, the quick wins, how to eat with family members and socialise. It transforms client’s relationship with food – giving them confidence (and less stress) in maintaining balance and not feeling like they’re making huge sacrifices. No more fad diets and restrictive eating as the midlife body simply won’t respond well. Diets will slow down the metabolism and affect overall wellbeing.

Clients upload their food photos into a food dairy directly inside the app.

PILLAR 3: Midlife Hormones

We always tie everything we do and teach back to midlife physiology and what’s happening with hormones. This awareness creates self compassion and an understanding of why we are doing what we are doing!

Often midlifers are working completely against their hormones - often increasing stress on the Central Nervous System and increasing cortisol – making them hold onto belly fat and creating huge mental and health complications.

PILLAR 4: Success Mindset
Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm are huge factors that contribute to poor mental and physical health for midlifers. We’re a generation where pressures are high and it can feel difficult to cope with the never ending treadmill of sleep, eat, work repeat.

This negatively impacts not only our physiology but also work, finances and relationships.

Prioritising ways to manage our mindset so we are better equipped to deal with stress and pressure is an essential part of The Midlife Method. We help clients create self awareness and from there - begin to reprogramme the mind for success and happiness.

Every week clients get a new Success Mindset Module and utilising our backgrounds in NLP and Psychology, Business Coaching and Stress Management – provide practical tools to implement in every day life and ultimately build new healthy habits that last.

PILLAR 5: Emotional Wellbeing
We bring a non woo woo approach to self actualisation! Connecting to our sense of self and our true nature super charges inner peace, health and vitality.

Not only that – our physical self responds to everything the mind says (mind body connection) – so we need to very conscious of how we think, feel and behave.

The programme allows clients to explore their purpose, potential and inner power – tapping into creating a morning ritual of gratitude, intention and meditation.

This is the ‘secret sauce’ of real inner change. Along with Success Mindset Strategies we’re hardwiring the brain to access the highest part of our consciousness – where we can access clarity of thought, self acceptance and joy.

PILLAR 6: Midlife Mentoring
This is the accountability piece!

Often we fool ourselves into thinking we can create change alone. But the truth is – of we could – we’d all have achieved the things we desire by now.

We all need a trusted roadmap at times – not only so we get there in double quick time, but because we trust those that have trodden the path before us. We don’t need to have it all figured out ourselves.

We act as lighthouses – showing clients the way and encouraging them to believe in their potential – especially when they can’t see it in themselves.

We help clients stay accountable within the app throughout the 8 weeks - with daily habit reminders, food diaries, stat trackers and also, via the private Facebook group – where other people on the same journey can support each other.

There’s also a live group call every two weeks.

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Claire and James Davis are the husband and wife team behind behind multi-award winning coaching and fitness retreat company 38 Degrees North and midlife coaching brand The Midlife Mentors.

Driven by passions for fitness, travel and adventure James and Claire wanted to create a luxury fitness holiday experience that not only delivered results but would be engaging, fun and motivate clients to continue training once they returned home.

Rather than focusing on extreme weight loss, they instead founded a concept built around coaching and education and incorporating not just workouts, but nutrition workshops, mindset coaching and follow on support to enable lasting, sustainable change for clients.

Fast forward to 2022 and 38 Degrees North is now a multi-award winning company running retreats out of Ibiza, Marbella and London.

The couple also have a successful midlife health podcast The Midlife Mentors and their passion is helping midlifers achieve not only the body, but the lifestyle they deserve.

They also run The Midlife Method 8 week transformational programme for body, mind and soul that achieves phenomenal results for clients

“We saw a lot of friends and clients hit midlife and kind of shrug their shoulders and say ‘That’s it,’ but t doesn’t have to be at all,” says James, “we encourage people to embrace middle age with joy and recognise it as chance to prioritise themselves again. It doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end, far from it. We’re generally living longer, but it’s also about the quality of life we have.”

“There are specific ways you can train and fuel your body, without making huge sacrifices (we love our ginned burgers), to look and feel great. More than that we employ psychology and NLP techniques to help build self-belief, a positive mindset and confidence.” says Claire.

The couple’s background in psychology, coaching and NLP is something they also bring to their corporate wellness programmes, with a focus very much on em- powering employees with the tools and knowledge they need to make positive changes to their lives.

Transformational Coaching Winner – I Luxury Awards 2021

World’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders Making a Difference – World’s Leaders 2021

Best Luxury Fitness Retreats Provider & Nutrition Platform – GHP Global Excellence Awards 2021

Most Innovative Holiday Provider UK – Corporate Live Wire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

Most Outstanding Fitness & Wellbeing Retreat – Global Excellence Awards Acquisition International 2020

Worlds Top 10 Health Retreats – International Traveller Magazine 2020

Top Influential People In Fitness – Industry Wired 2019

Innovative Tour Company Of The Year England – Travel & Hospitality Awards 2019

Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence 2015 & 2018




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