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Reading your hands in a scientific manner will allow us to learn how communication, relationships and behavioral patterns developed, how they effect your every day life (hint: usually not for the better), and what can you do to change them - and change your life for the better.
Interestingly, the hand is one of the many maps we have in our body that manifests and communicates experiences, events and genetic information located in the brain. This communication extends throughout the length of the individual’s life.
How is this possible? Studies in the field of Psychiatric Biology have linked the brain and the hand in a manner which establishes that events in the brain will invariably be given representation in the hand. Thus, one is virtually an extension of the other.
The Hands Analysis draws, almost from the moment of birth, the most substantial experiences of a person’s life (usually traumatic), which deeply influenced and determine the adult personality.
With this information at hand we will embark on a journey to learn what the hand can reveal about our nature and nurtured personality; why we communicate and experience emotions in certain ways, why we carry specific defense mechanisms such as repression, reaction-formation, denial, and intellectualizations and rationalizations; how we behave in intimate relationships and much more.

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Start hours are flexible.
Each session last approximately 3 hours, depending on client.
Session is recorded for your convenience.
Hand prints will be taken.
Couples Hands Analysis is available.
Restrictions apply, please ask.

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By the age of 30, with an MA and BA at hand, I realized that it was up to me to change my situation and place in life, into the life I really wanted. Reasons, (or excuses), will always exist, yet, if I wanted to improve my life I knew I had to do something about. I was already on the right path, I just didn’t know exactly what to do next. And that’s when I got my Hands Analysis.

Following the 3 hours session I understood my self better, and receive many insights and highlights on what needed awareness and work.

I have been providing Hand Analysis for over 10 years and started working with people using body work to help connect with the self on deeper and more meaningful ways.
I invite you to learn more about your self and help you improve your place in life.




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