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Are you from Israel and have a business in usa?

I invite you to start a journey towards fulfilling your business dream.
Do you remember that you once dreamed of having a successful business, where you would do only what you love and it would bring you the income you always wanted?
So true, to get there you have to go through a process. But the real question is how long will it take you, to reach your desired goal?
Come and join me on a journey, where we will take your business to the next level:
We will analyze the current phase of the business
We will go through all the departments in the business and set goals
We will analyze the main challenges you have in the business
And build a strategic plan that will lead you to achieving your business goal step by step. Your dream can become a reality!
But are you really ready to jump into the next step in the business and make your dream come true?
If the answer is yes, reserve a business diagnostics appointment today and you will start to see your dream come true ????

*The meeting will be in hebrew

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Cancellation policy: Flexible

> If the asker cancels more than 1 day(s) before the start of the booking, he is reimbursed 100 % of the amount paid
> If the asker cancels less than 1 day(s) before the start of the booking , he is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid


I currently provide a service to Hebrew speakers living in the United States or around the world
Please note that the meeting is held in the Hebrew language

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My name is Anna Cohen,
Business Consultant & Coach.
I help business owners, who are good in their field and feel stuck in business, to fulfill their business dream from anywhere in the world

All this in a fun and practical way that suits your business personality

As a business consultant, I build you a strategic plan based on a business personality and give you practical tools, that help you grow your business, correctly and stably, on the way to fulfilling your business dream.
In addition, I provide personal guidance to make sure that you do use these tools in your business

As a business coach, combining tools from the world of coaching and NLP, I help you in places where you feel stuck in your business. That even though you have the knowledge and tools there, you are not able to move forward. I examine with you the mental challenges that are blocking you and help get out of these phase along with resources that will jump your business forward

I work with the business personality method, combining tools from the world of personal coaching and NLP, and give a full envelope on the way to fulfilling your business dream

I work online and available to you from anywhere in the world, which will allow you to develop your business from anywhere you want.

I believe that a custom strategic plan, along with proper mental work, can raise your business a few levels forward, and fulfill the business you have always dreamed of - because you deserve the best wherever you go




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Session duration: 1h 30m