Embracing the Imperfection of Parenting

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HR professionals, you are the heroes of your workplace! But, you are also the one that has the power to affect all the families connected with your company. That is huge! The company's values, interactions at work, mindset, and what happens after working hours all affect your parent employees, the family, and, essentially, the business!
We have created Embracing The Imperfection of Parenting, designed especially for HR professionals (only). Our goal is to help you increase productivity, loyalty, and employee engagement, by supporting parents that are collapsing under the pressure of having to be perfect.
They are struggling! So many parents we have worked with discovered they were so burdened from parenting out of guilt or trying to be perfect that they didn't even realize the hefty prices they were paying. Instead, they realized that they were destroying everything they were trying to build and create.
That's where we step in, to help parents by teaching them how to lean into parenting in our modern and busy world. Embracing The Imperfection of Parenting and the process that we go through gives them actionable strategies that are easy to implement and life-changing!
Read more in the "Instructions" section and contact us to set up a plan that best suits your needs.

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The program facilitates all parents as an interactive group via 60 min Webinars.
Attendees receive 45 mins of content and 15 minutes for Q&A's.
Webinars can be stand-alone events or developed into a program of 3-12 Webinars.
They will also be getting the "Win At Parenting Playbook", written by Christine Bright, who will be leading the program. Christine's unique parenting Playbook is transformational in assisting parents in developing homes where everybody listens, cooperates, and communicates.
There is also a possibility for a free 30 min Empowering Parenting Session with Christine.
In order for everyone to feel they can express themselves honestly and freely, there will not be a recording and we ask you to kindly not record the screen. Thank you.
Press the "Book Now" button on the upper right hand of your screen or "Contact Me" for more info. I look forward to creating with you!

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Christine Bright has over 20 years of experience working with children, parents, and families as a child care professional, family advocate, and International Certified Parent and Family Coach.

Christine is an entrepreneur in her own right, starting and running a successful promotional company. In addition, she worked as a child care professional and family advocate while managing her business. Christine works one-on-one with families experiencing a wide range of problems. She also helps families navigate the steps needed to get appropriate services. Her success and positive results gave her the courage to sell her company, follow her heart, and serve families full time.

Christine honed her skills with the invaluable training she received as a Therapeutic Foster Parent. She parented her foster child to become an emotionally stable and loving person, which led to a happy adoption. This success ignited a deep, profound passion in her.

She developed and perfected her strategies while working with families using her business, child development, and behavioral psychology knowledge. With a desire to help more families, Christine then founded Parenting Game and authored her Parenting Game Playbook. Her unique parenting Playbook is transformational in assisting parents in developing communication which lessens defensiveness and fosters desirable behaviors. She also produces and hosts a TV and radio show to support parents. She delights in helping parents make their homes happier, more cooperative, and filled with effective communication.

As CEO of Parenting Game, her company offers support to parents, caregivers, and mentors through coaching, consulting, and training. She also partners with businesses by providing proactive parenting support to increase employee engagement.

When Christine isn’t reading the latest on brain science, she enjoys the outdoors and time with family. In addition, she donates her time mentoring at-risk children through programs like Schools of Hope.




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