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Life’s challenges often provide us with opportunities for growth and development. When facing unwanted circumstances, we may feel that the challenge is too big or overwhelming and wish that things were different. There is always an opportunity to grow and develop from an unwanted situation, but our ability to seize it often depends on our perspective on things.

In this workshop, we explore different ways of working with the body to affect the nervous system in order to shift our perspective on everyday life. This work integrates yogic tools that incorporate mindful movement, breathing and meditation with written reflections on our narrative, inner experience and relationship with ourselves and others. We do this with an attitude of curiosity towards the way our nervous system works while utilizing neuro-physiologic principles to help us shift between states. This exploration leads us to a better understanding of how we operate and navigate life..

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Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years, and my practice has helped me become more connected to my bodily sensations and emotions as they arise and find a restful inner space from which presence, growth and joy stem.

In 2007 I completed a comprehensive 800 hr. yoga teacher training of Vijñāna Yoga International, taught by Orit Sen-Gupta, and have been teaching and learning about the wonders of our body-mind connection ever since.

I believe that we each carry within us the keys to our emotional and physical well-being and joy, and these keys can be accessed through inner exploration.
My mission is to help others gain accesses to these inner resources by walking the path of yoga.

I received my Master’s degree in Human Genetics and PhD in Neurophysiology from Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine, Israel. My PhD work was focused on the relationship between brain activity and emotions. Currently, I perform post-doctoral research at Stanford University School of Medicine focusing on changes in brain activity that are related to trauma, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In my classes, I integrate all that I have learned about the human body and mind in order to direct the practice towards cultivating present moment awareness as well as emotional balance and resilience on and off the mat.
I am grateful to the wonderful teachers from whom I have had the privilege to learn.




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Session duration: 2h 00m