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Welcome to Becoming Assertive – Changing Your Life! We all know that we "should" be more assertive, but how exactly does it work, actually BEING that?

Firstly, consider checking if this rings familiar:
- you often feel that people take advantage of you and can't seem to speak up (or maybe you do sometimes, but feel the painful gap of not allowing your voice to be heard even more).

- You find yourself saying YES when you wanted to say NO. You've been asking yourself for years: "Why do I do that and how do I change that?!".

- You feel and know that you have so much to give, while simultaneously finding yourself frustrated with not being heard, seen, or valued.

Is this you? If you answered YES to any of the above, then this training session may be of high value to you!

I invite you to join "Becoming Assertive – Changing Your Life!", an ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING SESSION, where we will be exploring your challenges and reasons that are blocking you from feeling comfortable in being assertive, letting the world know what you want and being that for you and your life.

Through this training session, you can:
- Discover why assertiveness does not come naturally to you and how to go beyond that.
- Identify your current mindset and redefine what assertiveness is.
- Learn about different types of communication styles, understand them and implement them according to who you are and your unique personality.
- Get tips on how to be assertive with more ease.

Is it time to change things? Assertiveness is vital to your success! What else would change in your life, if you become as assertive as you know you CAN be? If this sounds exciting (and maybe a little scary), scroll down and book your session.

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Kajal Kumar is a very experienced Psychotherapist and Coach. She has
been a psychotherapist for the past 13 years and is also a successful
Mindset Coach for 5 years. Kajal has written an eBook on Mindset. Kajal
runs workshops/training/seminars on a weekly and monthly basis on
different topics around Mindset. She enjoys educating and helping her
audience gain insights into the issues and helps them with practical
tips and tools.

Kajal is based in the UK and she is in BST time zone. She works online
and offline with her clients passionately.

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